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Creating Captivating Clarity

Do you find yourself fighting worry or anxiety and wishing you could see your next steps more clearly? Worry and a lack of clarity happen when we remove focus from God and start focusing more on other things – a relationship, finances, work, or other priorities in our lives. Clarity is the natural result when you choose to refocus on God and receive His peace. Today, God is calling to you into greater clarity. Learn exactly how to create captivating clarity in this spiritual immersion course by BWFwoman.

This self-guided course includes:

  • 80+ Page Creating Captivating Clarity Workbook
  • 15 Audios from Journal + Affirm: Creating Captivating Clarity 
  • 10 Videos from #10DAYPRAYANDSLAY: Creating Captivating Clarity
  • The written version of BWFwoman’s corresponding YouVersion Bible App Plan



Meet weekly with Erin Marie for a LIVE morning devotion 

We have a beautiful, luxe, custom Christian journal, created just for our community, called the manifestHER Daily Guided Prayer, Devotional and Meditation Journal, written by Erin Marie, aka BWFwoman. To help you remain on track with the journal, Erin Marie hosts a weekly review of each devotional during a live podcast called S I M P L I F Y, most Tuesdays @ 7a ET. Join in for a fresh combination of a morning devotional, Bible study and girlfriends chat like no other!
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Manifestation Masterclass

Are you ready to live the deeply fulfilling and richly satisfying life you've imagined? BWFwoman's Manifestation Masterclass has transformed the lives of hundreds of women around the world, and it can transform your life too. Manifestation Masterclass is a 12-week course combined with 12 months of coaching by BWFwoman, empowering you to rediscover your power through Christ to live the life you have imagined through a strategic and intentional process that harnesses your ability to write your vision and make it plain and rediscover yourself in Christ. After completing BWFwoman's Manifestation Masterclass, your life will be transformed...and you will not be the same. You will flourish in your purpose and walk in joyful abundance in nine key areas of your life through this transformation. If you are ready to go deeper into your MORE, you're ready for Manifestation Masterclass.


Know this - you aren’t reading this information by chance. You are here for a reason. If any of the below conditions sound like you, this Christian immersive learning experience is meant for you:

You want to grow spiritually in Christ: Your spiritual vision is not as clear as you would like it to be, and you want a stronger connection with God

You appreciate being among like-minded women: You've been looking for a community of like-minded women to grow with in God

You need clarity: Your spiritual vision is not as clear as you would like it to be, and you want a stronger connection with God

You crave stability: Your emotions are all over the place, and you want increased internal stability

You need confirmation: You know you're headed in the right direction, but you think it's taking too long to reach your destination and you want answers

You’ve been searching: You listen to podcasts and lives trying to find the answer when you really need to access the answer inside of you

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Erin Marie created BWFwoman in 2012 for spiritual women who wanted MORE in Christ. Over the last 10 years, BWFwoman has touched thousands of women around the globe, fostering sisterhood and deeper, more satisfying spiritual relationships with God.

Erin Marie is a seeker of God, a believer that with God anything is possible, a wife, mother, entrepreneur, author, and speaker who has been featured on ABC, Boss Women Media, and most recently, an invited guest at the ESSENCE Music Festival. She enjoys teaching about the Biblical roots of mindset, meditation, and manifestation, and curating sacred spaces that provide women with healing, growth, rejuvenation, and pure pleasure.

Erin’s teachings have evolved from teaching a few friends in college to producing intentional, God-filled, spirit-led experiences on multiple platforms. She has and continues to inspire thousands of women to do the necessary work that will shift their mindsets and change their lives. Follow Erin on all social media platforms @BWFwoman and follow our community and journal @manifestHERdaily.